Tricia tried yoga for the first time 19 years ago after the birth of her first son at the suggestion of her OB/GYN to help manage post partum depression. Her practice was very sporadic until the birth of her second son when she began to incorporate yoga into her daily life. In 1999 Tricia relocated to the Medina area and began to practice on a more consistent basis. In 2005, Studio Yogatopia/Pulse opened and Tricia was one of the first students! Tricia was always loved to teach, started as a teenage teaching swimming lesson and then onto water aerobics. As she began to dive into her practice more, it became a natural progression to want to share her yoga practice. She decided to train with Baron Baptiste in 2009 and began teaching power classes at Pulse.

Due to major life changes, including growing children and a divorce, Tricia found herself moving away from her mat and not teaching/practicing as much as she wanted or needed. Tricia says she can vividly remember the beautiful fall day when she decided she needed to get back on her mat and has not looked back since. 

As Tricia grew in her practice, she found herself wanting to grow deeper into the spiritual side of yoga, and in the fall of 2013 she started yoga teacher training with Marni Task.Tricia completed her 200-Hour training in May of 2014 and is registered with the Yoga Alliance. After completing her training, Tricia started to teach regularly at Pulse. Tricia is also a Registered Nurse and believes yoga and nursing are a perfect compliment to each other. She can treat the whole body and mind. Tricia hopes she conveys to her students that yoga is a lifestyle. It can be incorporated into their everyday life and that yoga becomes a part of who you are as a person. It is not about doing every single pose; it is about how the pose affects their life. 

Whether you are new to yoga or have a practice for years, Tricia welcomes you to the Zen Yoga Family. It is truly a special place to practice.