Are you interested in one-on-one, totally personalized health and wellness coaching? Work with our resident Certified Health Coach and Integrative Nutrition Specialist to find out what you need to achieve better overall health, set manageable goals, work out a plan that’s 100% specific to you and your needs, and work with your coach every step of the way. With our wellness and nutrition services, there’s no handing you a list of foods you shouldn’t eat and sending you on your way; you’ll get personalized attention during every part of your program! Learn more about our health coach here!

The best part is, you can learn more about our nutrition coaching and meet with our resident health coach without paying anything or committing to anything! If you’re an unlimited pass holder at Zen, you' get one FREE 45 minute consultation & anyone else can book a FREE 30 minute consultation. Scroll down to the booking widget to book your 100% FREE consultation now and start your journey to a happier, healthier life! Or check out our package offerings below and choose a full package to take serious action now!

What Can a Health Coach Help me With?

  • Weight Loss

  • Weight Gain

  • Identifying Food Allergies

  • Managing Digestive Issues

  • Easing Symptoms of Existing Conditions or Disease

  • Preventing Future Conditions or Disease

  • Identifying and Eliminating Stressors

  • Assisting in the Treatment of Ailments and Illnesses

  • Leading a Balanced Lifestyle

  • Fixing Insulin and Blood Sugar Issues

  • Fixing Hormone and Women’s Issues

Sound like something you’re interested in? Book your FREE consultation now by scrolling down to the “Find an Appointment” section, choosing a consultation type from the drop-down, then clicking “search” below the calendar. It will show you all available time slots for your appointment type. Click the time slot you want to complete booking! Are you looking to buy a full health and wellness coaching program or package? Read the overviews below and click the corresponding buttons to purchase your program!


In addition to single sessions, we also offer multi-session programs that come with multiple sessions, online support, one-on-one coaching calls, exclusive content, and more. If you’re looking for full one-on-one support to get your health and wellness on track, then a program might be the right option for you! You can see an overview of our programs below, along with links to purchase!

5-Week Jumpstart:

The 5-week jumpstart is great for those who feel like they need a little boost in their health plan. This plan is a comprehensive coaching plan with a lot of support and one-on-one work. Here’s what you’ll get with the 5-week Jumpstart:

  • 2 Sessions monthly, with a total of 3 hour-long sessions

  • 2 Private coaching calls - these can be used at any time during your 5 weeks

  • Access to the private Facebook group

  • Exclusive content delivered via email

  • A welcome packet with information and free gifts

10-Week Habit Changer

The 10-week habit changer is great for anyone who is looking to make serious changes to their diet, lifestyle, and overall health and wellness. This package includes extensive one-on-one support, coaching calls, access to free workshops, and more. Here’s what is included in the 10-week Habit Changer:

  • 2 Sessions monthly, with a total of 5

  • Weekly one-on-one private coaching calls

  • Access to the private Facebook group

  • Monthly group meetings at Zen Yoga Studio

  • Exclusive content delivered via email

  • A welcome packet with information and free gifts

  • An exclusive free gift at the time of sign-up

Single Sessions and Consultation Appointments