Tips For New Yoga Practitioners:

Arrival:  It is important to arrive to class on time.  If you are a new client, please  allow an extra few minutes to have time to read and sign our new client enrollment form.   Arriving a few minutes early to class allows you time to take a minute to distress and quiet the mind in preparation for class.  If you arrive late, please wait outside the room quietly until after the class has finished the centering exercise.  

Payment:  Please pay prior to your class starting, or sign-up and pay online through our website, on the Class Schedules tab

Shoes:  Shoes are not worn in the studio.  We have provided an area for you to leave your shoes, coats, etc.   You are free to bring your valuables (purse, etc) into the actual classroom. 

It is recommended that you practice yoga in your bare feet.  This allows for a better grip on your yoga mat so you don't slip and allows a deeper connection with the earth below you.

Quiet:  Please speak quietly while in the studio or in the entryway.   Often times, other classes are in session, and we should be respectful of their efforts to find a peaceful moment in their day.

Honor your Body!!!!    Please listen to your body and do only what feels comfortable for you.   It is your responsibility to tell your teacher if you have any physical issues occurring.  Your teacher may be able to make suggestions to make your practice more comfortable, or recommend eliminating parts of the practice.  It is also your responsibility to be sure that you have discussed your physical activity with your physician to ensure that this form of physical exercise is appropriate for you.

Eating prior to class:  it is recommended that you do not eat a heavy meal within 2 hours of your practice.  A full belly may make the practice uncomfortable, and your practice maymake digestion difficult.  If you need to have something to eat, select something light and small.

Water:  Feel free to bring water into the classroom, but be sure that it is in a bottle that is sealed and cannot spill if knocked over.

Svasana is an important part of your practice, please stay for this!  Svasana is the ending meditation, and the last asana (physical pose) that we do in class.  Its purpose is to allow the practices to unite and take hold in your body, mind, and spirit.

Namaste:  What is Namaste?    At the end of every class, the teacher will end with a Thank you, and the word "Namaste".   This means "the divine light in me, honors the divine light in you".  This is a beautiful reminder that we are all connected and that our yoga community is a great way to celebrate that.