Clara has always lead an active lifestyle ; from cheerleading to dance, colorguard, and at home workouts. She has practiced yoga since 2007, however, not consistently. Years later and finding herself less active, she noticed that she wasn't happy with herself anymore, and seemed to feel as if she was in a dark place and truly let herself go.  She started to make changes in her life by doing different workouts but nothing ever stuck and made her feel good about herself. 

Clara's best friend asked her to go to a class called 'Buti Yoga'. At first "I was very skeptical" Clara said. Looking it up online made me feel like "I am not in shape to do that now or any type of yoga". Clara fell in love after that first class and never looked back. She started practicing Buti in November of 2016 and she recently just got certified in March of 2017. 

Clara says "This practice is a whole new life for me not only physically and mentally, but emotionally as well. I have never felt better about myself. Buti is a new way of life, it really brings women together as one and accept our bodies the way they are now. Yoga truly is for everyone and anyone. You may not be able to do something right away but, practice and encouragement really helps and one day it'll just come to you. I am so excited to be teaching Buti Yoga, so I can make women feel the way that I do."