1. Children between the ages of 6 months to 10 years are welcome.
  2. Fill out the waiver form before leaving your child for the first time.
  3. Please bring your child(ren) with full tummies and dry diapers.  Our staff will not feed or change diapers, but will notify you if needed.
  4. No food or snacks, please! (think of allergies and icky spills).
  5. Please put your children’s shoes in the shoe cubbies by the front door.
  6. To keep everyone healthy and safe, we ask that you do not bring your child if they are sick or have been exposed to any contagious illnesses. Thank you!
  7. You may drop your child off 10 minutes before class, but no earlier.
  8. Please get your children within 10 minutes of class ending.
  9. If your child displays repeated behavioral concerns (biting, kicking, hair pulling, etc), you will be asked to leave your child at home. We know that situations arise, and we will always let parents know if there are any concerns/incidents.
  10. We want your experience to be worry free and will do our best to keep your children happy. However, if your child is inconsolable, we will come and get you.