5 Ways to Use Yoga in Your Daily Life

When practicing yoga in class it is easy to be in the moment and really take in your practice, but how great would life be if we could feel that 'yoga high' all the time! I try to instill these five things into my daily life so I can continue my yoga practice even when I'm not formally practicing. 


1. Stressful situations

One thing we all experience in life, whether we like it or not is stress. Maybe you deal with stress at work, school, home, or most likely a combo of trying to balance it all. One thing that always helps me is to try and remind myself to slow down! I find that if I have to give a big presentation at work the best way to calm myself down and prepare myself mentally for the presentation is to focus on my breath. Focus on the breathing techniques you learn in class. Slow down your breath, 'in through the nose out through the mouth'.

2. Decompressing after sitting all day at work

I hear this often, sitting is terrible for you! If you are like one of the many of us that work in office jobs where you are forced to sit most of the day it can be extremely helpful to fit in some decompression poses to balance yourself out. You might not always have time to get to a yoga class but a simple downward dog, child's pose or cat/cow pose can help to ring out some of that tension from sitting all day.

3. Be present

This is important to focus on with your friends, family, loved ones and those at work. If you are at home with your family, focus on that time and relish in the moments you have with them. Try very hard to step away from the phone, computer or TV when you're with your family or friends so you can really take in the time you get to spend with them. We are constantly reminded of how short life is, so take every opportunity to enjoy that time and listen to your friends and family when they talk. 

4. Practice sensible eating

When you sit down for dinner or dig through the pantry for a snack remember the mindfulness your practice gives you. I am never one to preach a diet or deprivation from food, I love food and love to eat, but it can be helpful to ensure you're eating enough to satisfy yourself and not gorge. Mindful eating is always super great to help you really appreciate the taste, smell and text of the food you eat, which in turn will allow you to feel more satisfied. 

5. Appreciate the small things

We move so fast through life and one takeaway you should get from every yoga class you take is to be thankful. Life moves fast and we sometimes forget to appreciate the small things, whether it's your husband getting your coffee in the morning or someone letting your over as you're driving down the highway. Appreciate the small things and life will start to feel that much more full and happy!

What do you do in your daily life that you've learned from class? Comment below for your suggestions!