What inspires you?

A recent quote that I found from the late BKS Iyengar was so inspiring to me.

 “It must not be just your mind or even your body that is doing the asana. You must be in it. You must do the asana with your soul."

Then the same day, I was talking to another yoga teacher about her planning for class, sharing that you should let the theme for your class come from your heart. I realized that inspirations come to us in so MANY different ways.  When you are living your yoga, then you know that any moment can bring something amazing, but often times we are not paying attention.

As a teacher, I have been inspired by a class theme on my way to the studio, or sometimes inspired during class to do something very different based on the excitement, energy or a person in the room.

My students, my family, and my son inspire me to be the best person I can be every day.  And we should be so thankful that yoga allows us to live in the present moment during which we can actually recognize these moments and feel them in our soul.    
Find what inspires you and celebrate it!  Namaste