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Angee comes from a fitness background being a certified personal trainer with NASM. She trained with her own company for over 6 years. She was introduced to yoga in 2002 in Columbus Ohio and was immediately hooked. It not only helped her physically but helped her overcome some stressful situations occurring in her life. In an effort to expand her Yoga knowledge, she became RYT 200 certified at Zen Yoga in May of 2016. 

Angee has always loved the feeling of helping others to get healthier and live a healthier lifestyle. Adding yoga into her practice has helped not only others, but herself to heal from a loss of a family member that she could not overcome. 
Along with Yoga she was introduced to Buti yoga and fell in love with this practice. Buti is the power movement that she was missing incorporating yoga, tribal dancing, and plyometrics. She is getting Buti certified in March 2017 and so excited to share this with the students at Zen. 

 With practice we are able to love more, embrace each day, live in the moment, create joy and welcome every experience.