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After trying a yoga class at a nearby gym with her mom, Alison couldn't stop smiling.  She didn't realize what yoga was or how good it was for her but was for sure interested.  She wanted to experience that feeling again and again, and dive deeper, so in 2013, she signed up for yoga teacher training.  Her journey began at Yoga Bliss in Fairlawn with some of the most uplifting real people she has ever met.  She has been teaching for a year now and loves how yoga gives her that pathway to connect with others.  It also allows her the opportunity to guide people to dig deeper into themselves.  Alison always had that pull to want to help others and is grateful to be able to do this through yoga.

Some of the things that make Alison feel most alive (besides yoga) is music, hearing or watching live music, getting lost in a park, exploring/traveling, reading, hanging with her dog,  family and friends.

Alison definitely enjoys the physical practice of yoga, but feels a greater connection to what it does for her mind.  That's what really intrigues her about yoga, there is always so much learn and practice.

Krishna Das says, “Just think less, and be more. Let go and let good flow in.  Let go and then you grow in so many wonderful ways that your brain doesn't even know about yet.  That's the beauty-that there is a supportive force in the universe there to protect you if you stop trying to control it all and just let it in."

Alison looks forward to joining the team here at Zen, and meeting you!