Join us for the a 1-month, self-guided yoga and nutrition challenge! This challenge is totally FREE to participate in, and has some really awesome prizes at the end for the top three participants! We have a Facebook group where we’ll give you motivation, shopping lists, information, and other fun stuff throughout the month, so make sure you join by clicking here. Here’s all of the challenge info:

  • Everyone will get a calendar to use for their challenge

  • The calendar includes three things each day of the week:

    • A water intake recommendation, this is marked by a “W”

    • A Food recommendation, this is marked by a “F”

    • An exercise (yoga or fitness class) recommendation, this is marked by a “E”

  • For every recommended class you take, (it must be on that specific date/time to get credit) you will have your instructor initial on that date on your challenge calendar.

  • The top three participants with the most recommended classes attended at the end of the month win prizes!


1st Place: 3 Months of unlimited classes + 1 free health and nutrition coaching session at Zen Yoga Studio

2nd Place: A B Yoga Everyday mat + a necklace from the Zen Yoga Studio Boutique

3rd Place: Any one tank-top + a bracelet from the Zen Yoga Studio Boutique

Sign Up

It’s completely free to participate! Just sign up below, so we can keep track of who’s participating and communicate with you throughout the challenge. Fill out the form below, then pick up your challenge calendar the next time you’re at the studio! (*Challenge calendars will also be available for download shortly.) Start prepping and watching the Facebook group for tips, tricks, and other fun content! Let’s do this! Sign up now!

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